Alfreton Grange strike talks break up without agreement

Next week's strikes would be the fourth and fifth days lost this term to inductrial action
Next week's strikes would be the fourth and fifth days lost this term to inductrial action

Talks between teaching unions and Alfreton Grange Arts College have broken up without agreement.

The talks took place on Thursday November 5 through the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) with the aim of seeking a resolution to the current dispute.

The National Union of Teachers now says strikes planned for next Tuesday and Thursday, November 10 and 12 will go ahead as planned.

Deborah Turner, County Division Secretary of the NUT, said: “Unfortunately, the ACAS talks have had no positive outcome as the school refused to consider any alteration to the changes imposed in September.

“Their stance was that the length of the school day, the shorter breaks and the number of lessons would remain. In effect they refused to negotiate.

“Given the intransigent position of management the dispute will continue. Further strikes will be taking place on Tuesday 10th November and Thursday 12th November.

“A picket-line will be at the school gate before the start of school on each of these days.”

The NUT have also arranged a public meeting for Monday November 9 at the Palmer Morewood Memorial Club, Hall Street, Alfreton at 6.00p.m which they say this will give the local community an opportunity to express their opinions on the impact that timetable changes are having.

The union is campaigning against changes to the school day which they say have resulted in an unsustainable workload for their members and is having a detrimental impact on children’s education.

The school has previously said the changes are supported by pupils and parents and are designed to give students additional teaching and support time.