Ecclesbourne Valley pig farm approved

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breaking news

A planning application for a pig farm has been approved by councillors.

Members of Amber Valley Borough Council’s planning committee approved the application for the erection of a livestock building in Wirksworth Road, Idridgehay.

The structure, measuring 15 metres by 30 metres, will be used to house 500 pigs on the farm in Ecclesbourne Valley.

In recommending the application, an officer for the borough council stated: “The applicant has amended his proposals to reduce the impact on the character of the Ecclesbourne Valley and to use an alternative access which the Local Highway Authority consider can be made acceptable.

“The changes to the proposal and the policy regime mean that the harm caused to the Ecclesbourne Valley must be balanced against the benefits of this rural enterprise.

“The benefits extend to additional employment directly in the unit and wider in the supply of feed and other support functions including the potential reduction of imports.”

The application was submitted by landowner Ian Jones, of Hulland Ward.

A number of the community objected to it on the grounds that it would be an ‘eyesore’ in the valley.

Idridgehay, Alton and Ashleyhay Parish Council objected on the grounds that “The proposal will permanently change the very nature of the landscape from agriculture to built development”.

They went on to say the proposed building was six times the size of the existing structure and the proposed roofing material and lack of existing screening would create an unacceptable visual impact.

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway also expressed concern that the pig farm would impact on the character of the area and have implications for highways safety.

To view the application, visit the planning section of the Amber Valley Borough Council website,, and search under reference ‘AVA/2013/1011’.

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