Don’t gamble with safety - get a smoke alarm

Smoke alarm.
Smoke alarm.

Last month was a month in which we appreciated and celebrated some of the world’s most extraordinary women and their achievements to date - from actions that have helped change national perceptions, to something as simple as a mother finding time to take her children to football training after a 12-hour shift.

No matter what the act, whether it be big or small, they can be life changing for people across the globe.

Another act which can be lifesaving as well as life changing and should be on everyone’s agenda, is the purchasing and fitting of working smoke alarms.

It’s surprising how many homes still don’t have them.

Smoke alarms are affordable and easy to install, and give you and your family vital early warning of a fire, allowing you to get out, stay out and call 999.

Smoke alarms are without doubt a must for all households, so there should be no excuses – Get them. Install them. Test them.

Smoke alarms are readily available from DIY stores, electrical stores and most high street supermarkets for as little as £5 and the fact that you are over four times more likely to survive a fire if you have a working smoke alarm surely makes them value for money.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service would therefore like to remind everyone of the following advice and information to help keep you and your families safe.

There are a variety of different models to choose from. Your local fire service will be happy to give you advice on which one is best suited for you.

Smoke alarms should be fitted on every level of your home.

It is strongly recommended, for additional protection, that smoke alarms are fitted within other rooms such as bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms.

The ideal position is on the ceiling, in the middle of a room, or in the hallway and landing, so you can hear the alarm throughout your home.