Dom unveils grand new footbridge

Dominic Heale cuts the ribbon at Swanwick Junction.
Dominic Heale cuts the ribbon at Swanwick Junction.

Television presenter Dominic Heale officially opened a new footbridge at the Midland Railway in Butterley.

The star of BBC East Midlands Today snipped the ribbon at Swanwick Junction at the start of the month.

The site has gradually been transformed over the course of 43 years into a large station with four platforms with the help of a band of dedicated volunteers.

Alan Calladine, the Midland Railway Trust development officer, said, “This makes a huge difference for visitors on days when we are running two trains that pass at Swanwick Junction.

“Previously these could only be used in one direction but with the footbridge in place all services can stop and passengers can use the footbridge to cross the line. This development has made a huge difference to the railway and has made a great step forward in the long held aim of creating a real junction station at Swanwick.”