Disbelief over care move


The other day the Derbyshire First came through my letter box and as I was reading the article Adult Social Care, I was filled with disbelief. The Conservative-run Derbyshire County Council are going to ask people who get attendance allowance to use part of it to help pay for their care. People who are saving the NHS and councils a great deal of money by staying in their own homes and being looked after by their loved ones 24/7, and in many cases like my own, knowing that they will not get better and watching them day to day slip away.

I always thought that the Tories were hard-hearted. It is not that attendance allowance is a large amount for the hours and the labour put in. Talk about kicking somebody when they are down. It seems unbelievable that even the Conservatives could stoop so low as to cause someone more worry and anguish at such a time of stress and need help in whatever way. Talk about heartless.

DE Slack

Stainsby Avenue