Developer looks to build homes on Loscoe pub site

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Plans have been submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council for the demolition of a Loscoe pub in order to build 11 new homes on the site.

Long Eaton property developer 8B Ltd is seeking planning permission to knock down the Sir John Warren on Heanor Road and then build over the 1,795 square metre site.

The pub has been vacant and boarded up since 2009, and plans to build nine homes on the site were given outline permission in 2015.

Paul Gaughan Building Consultants, of Ilkeston, are now suggesting a design with smaller dwellings and a single road access point.

In the application, the company said: “The planning officer who dealt with the previous application has indicated that more than nine units may be acceptable and in order to avoid triggering the contributions threshold any units above nine would have to be one-bed dwellings.”

The proposed development would include two one-bed houses, six two-beds, and three with three bedrooms.

The application states: “Although there will be no affordable housing requirement, eight of the 11 proposed units can be classed as in the affordable portion of the open market, reflecting a local need.”

They would be arranged in three, two-storey terraced-blocks fronting on to Heanor Road, and then a fourth at the back of the site’s current car park.

These properties, and all 18 associated parking spots would be accessed via the current entrance on Loscoe Grange, as opposed to the previous design which required the entrance off Heanor Road.

The developers say that the latter option would necessitate an expensive new junction and repositioning of a bus stop and lay-by, making the project economically unviable.

The developer intends to use dark grey roof tiles and red-facing brickwork in order to match surrounding properties, and says that new landscaping will enhance the look of the area as the site is now predominantly tarmac.

Heanor & Loscoe ward councillor Kieran Hill said he would be unable to comment on the plans, since he may be called upon to make a formal decision as a member of the planning board.

The site is bordered by residential houses on three sides, and an industrial development on a fourth.

Risk assessments for the site have found that there is a possibility of unrecorded mine workings beneath the site, and assessors have recommended further investigations before any building is undertaken.

To view them the plans detail, go to A decision is expected to be made by June 30.