Desperate plea to save dog Lucy

NRHNBE111115c2, Alfreton, Chris Bell and dog Lucy he is trying to rehome.
NRHNBE111115c2, Alfreton, Chris Bell and dog Lucy he is trying to rehome.

AN ALFRETON man has issued a desperate plea for a pet loving family to spare his late brother’s dog from being put to sleep.

Chris Bell, 60, says he can no longer look after 13-year-old collie crossbreed Lucy as he and wife Jacky do not have the time.

The couple took the dog on after Chris’s brother lost a long battle with pancreatic cancer on November 1.

But as Lucy is older, has the onset of cataracts and is used to having round-the-clock company she struggles to be alone and would not be able to cope in a dog kennel.

Chris said: “I work ten hours a day and she’s pining all the time. She misses my brother.

“I have tried to re-home her, but a lot of the places I’ve talked to want to put her in a kennel. But she would pine. It would be hard on her.

“She’s good with children, and she’s a peaceful dog. She doesn’t make a lot of fuss.

“She doesn’t need a lot of looking after really.

“But she needs someone to keep an eye on her at most times.

“The first night she was here she cried all through the night.”

Chris works from 7am until 5pm at Brandon Tool Hire on Nottingham Road in Alfreton. And his wife Jacky works at a nearby jigsaw factory from 8am until 4pm so they cannot be in the house during the day.

Chris’s late brother Gordon, who died just two days off his 79th birthday got Lucy from a rescue centre when she was six-months old.

But as he had retired at that point he had more time to look after her during the day.

Gordon’s wife Mary also sadly died 18 months ago.

Chris said he even took Lucy to a vets to be put to sleep on Friday, but he could not go through with it.

Now he is appealing to a family with time to look after Lucy to be able to look after her.

If you think you can give her a home then call Chris on 01773 834875.