Derbyshire toddler left with horrific facial injuries after being mauled by dog in street

A Derbyshire toddler was left with horrific facial injuries after being savaged by a crazed dog in the street which she was told was "safe to pet".

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 2:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:21 pm
Ophelia Rozic was rushed to hospital after the attack on Monday. Photo - SWNS

Eighteen-month-old Ophelia Rozic was rushed to hospital after the mutt sank its teeth into her face when she went to give it a kiss on Monday morning. Her heavily pregnant mum, Nicol Rozic, 31, watched on in horror as the animal clamped its jaws around her daughter's head during the terrifying attack. Nicol had been getting her car serviced at a garage in Heanor when she noticed a man waiting with a red pointer and asked whether it was safe to approach. She said the man gave her permission but as she petted the hound it mauled her daughter as the owner "stood by and did nothing." Nicol, of Ripley, said: "My daughter absolutely loves dogs - we have a French bulldog at home - I approached the gentleman to ask if his dog was friendly and he said yes. "She stroked the dog and it bit her face twice. She went to give it a kiss and it just went for her. "The owner just stood there, he didn't do anything. I'm heavily pregnant and I had to prise my daughter from the dog. "He took the dog away, saying he was just going to put him in the car, but he never came back. I can't believe he just left. "Ophelia's had to go back into hospital because the wounds became infected, she was on a drip with antibiotics. "She came home from hospital on Wednesday and the surgeon thinks she might need to come back to have some work done on her cheek. "He's just waiting to see how it heals." Nicol, who lives with partner Michael Howard, 33, who runs a construction firm, also blasted police for not turning up to investigate until over eight hours after the attack. She added: "The police's response has been disgusting. "The attack happened at 11.30am and they didn't turn up until 8pm and even now they have failed to even interview the dog owner. "I saw police had shot dead an out-of-control dog in another part of the country but this one is being allowed to run around to potentially do this to another child. "All they sent was one PCSO and then I was told I would need to go to the headquarters to make a a complaint. "But I'm heavily pregnant and due to have a Caesarean in eight weeks and all this is hanging over me now. "My daughter is still not right and she is very wary of our dog now. It's been horrible - it's every parent's worst nightmare." A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: "Our officers were called to reports that a toddler had been bitten on the face by a dog while in the waiting area of a car garage. "The incident left the young girl with visible injuries and has understandably left both her and her family extremely distressed. "We are now in the early stages of an investigation and in the process of speaking to witnesses and viewing CCTV."

The 18-month-old was bitten on the face twice. Photo - SWNS
The 18-month-old was bitten on the face twice. Photo - SWNS