Derbyshire pub sign slammed as ‘stupid and irresponsible’

Is this Derbyshire pub sign offensive?
Is this Derbyshire pub sign offensive?

An angry sightseer has criticised a sign she saw outside a Derbyshire pub on Monday as ‘stupid and irresponsible’.

Reader Julie Jerram from Hyde in Greater Manchester is a regular visitor to the area but said the ‘ill-judged’ sign shocked her.

She thinks the sign - which reads ‘alcohol, because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad - sends the wrong messages.

She said: “I do drink myself and am not opposed to it but I object to this type of message being given to young people and children in a day and age where organisations such as Public Health England are trying to warn of the dangers of the excessive consumption of alcohol.

“It simply is not true that you can’t have a great time without alcohol as this message seems to suggest. I’m sure the locals wouldn’t want their town to promote binge drinking either.”

What do you think? Is the sign offensive as Julie suggests or is it just a bit of fun?

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