Derbyshire MP apologises after pictures show him playing Candy Crush during Government meeting

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A Derbyshire MP has apologised after a national newspaper published pictures of him playing a game on his iPad – while in a Government meeting.

The front page of today’s Sun shows Conservative Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills playing Candy Crush in a meeting of the Works and Pensions Committee.

In a statement, Mr Mills said: “I apologise unreservedly for my behaviour at the committee meeting and realise it fell short of what is expected of a MP.

“I guarantee it will not happen again. It is a fantastic privilege to represent Amber Valley and I hope constituents will continue to support my campaigns such as lower taxes for hard-working people.”

Mr Mills is quoted as telling The Sun: “It was a long meeting on pension reforms, which is an important issue that I take very seriously.

“There was a bit of the meeting that I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two.

“I shouldn’t do it but if you check the meeting I would say I was fully engaged in asking questions that I thought were particularly important in how we get the pensions issue right. I shall try not to do it in the future.”

Kevin Gillot, Labour’s candidate for Amber Valley at the next General Election, said: “It’s shocking that an MP would do this.

“If one of his constituents was caught playing Candy Crush during a meeting at their workplace, there would be serious consequences.”

The committee met last Monday and was discussing pensions and the insurance industry ahead of the chancellor’s autumn statement announcement.

Following the story, Candy Crush has been trending on the social networking site Twitter.