Derbyshire health care bosses sign up to new charter

DERBYSHIRE Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has signed up to the MENCAP Getting it Right charter, making a commitment to improve the services it offers to clients with learning disabilities.

Getting it Right spells out key activities that all healthcare professionals should put into practice to ensure there is equal access to health for clients with learning disabilities.

The Trust aims to address the nine statements that make up the charter through training and the development of services. As part of its commitment to deliver the objectives in the Getting it Right charter, Derbyshire Healthcare has introduced an Intermediate Care Team, a dedicated service providing advice and guidance and working jointly with mainstream services such as acute and community services. The aim of the team is to empower these services to provide equal care for clients with learning disabilities.

In addition, the Trust now has an Acute Liaison Nurse and a team of Health Facilitators, whose roles involve educating GPs, as well as influencing mainstream services. The teams work on raising awareness and reducing stigma, and provide information about learning disability services.

The two teams work independently of one another, but collaborate to ensure the best outcomes are sought for the client.

Carolyn Gilby, Assistant Director for Specialist Services said: “The Trust recognises the importance of getting it right when it comes to the care of service users with learning disabilities. We are committed to delivering the objectives of the MENCAP charter and the introduction of the Intermediate Care team, Acute Liaison Nurse and Health Facilitators will be instrumental in helping us to achieve this.”