Derbyshire family heartbroken after their cat is killed by speeding driver

A Derbyshire family has been left devastated after their much-loved cat was killed by a speeding driver.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 5:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:59 pm
Some readers may find the below picture distressing.

Melissa Burton said her 'beautiful boy' Jaffa was hit by a car travelling at 50mph on Belper Lane, Belper.

She has posted an upsetting picture on the Spotted Belper Facebook page showing Jaffa's lifeless body in a bid to raise awareness about the harrowing consequences of speeding.

In the post, Melissa said: "To the person who sped up Belper Lane, you have killed our beautiful boy Jaffa.

Picture posted on Spotted Belper.

"Just so you don't feel too guilty, we got to hold him when he went but you didn't even stop to check what you had hit. I'll be the one telling my children this morning.

"That could have been a child - but you have still taken away a part of our family."

The post has been seen almost seven million times.

Melissa added: "I am overwhelmed and grateful that perhaps some good will come of this horrible day.

Belper Lane, Belper. Picture: Google Maps.

"If one less person speeds then the post has done the trick.

"We aren't out for anything horrible to happen to the driver - we just wish they had have stopped instead of leaving my poor boy to die on the road."

Picture posted on Spotted Belper.
Belper Lane, Belper. Picture: Google Maps.