David Cameron’s A38 noise pledge

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Prime Minister David Cameron has turned his attention away from Ukraine, Isis and next month’s election to focus on some serious Amber Valley issues – most notably noise complaints on the A38.

This week Mr Cameron announced his long-term economic plan for the East Midlands, which includes infrastructure improvements along the A38.

But Cameron also acknowledged the concerns of regular Ripley and Heanor residents – even pledging to sort out long-running noise issues on the A38.

Mr Cameron said: “I was delighted to launch along with the Chancellor our long term economic plan for the Midlands in Derbyshire with its rich manufacturing 

“Improved infrastructure is an important part of the plan with the upgrading of the A38 to a full expressway going to be of massive benefit to Ripley and Heanor residents

“I’ve talked to Nigel Mills about the project which starts construction in 2019 and will help boost the economy and increase reliability.

“Nigel has highlighted local concerns about the current level of noise which comes from the road and how this has had a detrimental effect on the quality of life for people in the Amber Valley.

“I will be looking into that matter as we plough ahead with the improvements.”

Nigel Mills MP said: “I am delighted the Prime Minister himself has pledged to look into the noise issue on the 

“First with the re-building of Heanor Hospital, and now this, it is for clear that the Government is building a brighter future for Amber Valley.”