Daniel’s 48 hour games marathon

An Alfreton man who is paralysed in both arms and legs took part in a world record breaking computer game marathon last Friday.

Daniel Gent, who was paralyzed in a road traffic accident, is embarking on a future career in computer game design and uses voice recognition to learn.

Last Friday he was among more than 300 students who took part in the Microsoft and Train2Game Gameathon 2012 at the University of Bedfordshire in which he helped create 20 video games in only 48 hours.

Daniel, 17, of Mansfield Road, said: “I am a tetraplegic and all four of my limbs are paralyzed but that isn’t going to get in the way of my chances of getting into the games industry and neither should a disability of any kind stop anybody’s dreams coming true as all it takes is hard work and dedication.”

Daniel always enjoyed playing video games and was planning on taking a college course after school. However, in 2010 he was involved in a road traffic accident where he sustained three fractures to his neck and damaged his spinal cord. Daniel, a father-of-two, lost all feeling in both his arms and legs.

After 11 months in hospital and unable to finish his GCSEs, he returned to his partner and two children who were now living in an adapted home. Daniel found the Train2Game online course and last year he was accepted on to the games designer course. He said: “Train2Game has given me the tools to gain the skills needed with the flexibility to work and learn from home using voice recognition to work the computer.”

The event had students awake for a full 48 hours to complete their games, with prolonged sleeping banned during the development process.

Myra Smallman, course director of Train2Game, said: “We did it! Congratulations to all the students, we’re incredibly proud of them. This has been a wonderful experience and now it’s over its time for us all go and get some sleep!”