Window’s upset after plant ripped from husband’s grave

A RIPLEY woman is furious after a special plant was stolen from her husband’s grave.

Anna Cuttell discovered that the heuchera had been taken from her husband Brian’s grave in the garden of remembrance in Ripley Cemetery on Thursday.

She said: “I was just gutted. I can’t believe that someone would do something like that. I have read about graves being vandalised in the Ripley and Heanor News before.

“But you don’t expect anyone else to go and touch it.”

The distinctive pink-tinged plant is shaped like a maple leaf and was taken from a planter sometime between Sunday September 25 and Thursday September 29. Mrs Cuttell, whose husband died in 2003 at the age of 52, believes the thief was a mature person who took a fancy to the plant. Primula, hebe and cyclamen were left behind in the planter.

She added: “A teenager would have just ripped it out and thrown it. Someone thought, ‘that would look really nice on my relative’s grave or in my garden’.” Anyone with any information should contact police on 0345 123 3333.