Where will your night out end?

Police and medical staff are advising Christmas and New Year revellers to be careful over the festive period so they do not end up behind bars or seriously injured on a hospital ward.

Derbyshire Constabulary has launched a joint hard-hitting campaign with Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council called “Where will your night End?” in an effort to reduce alcohol-related harm among partygoers.

Police Supt Gary Parkin said: “The festive period is a time for people to socialise and enjoy themselves. Many come into our towns and do so without incident or trouble.

“But unfortunately, there are always a few who drink too much and then are more likely to become involved in crime and disorder, or suffer illness or injury. I hope through our campaign we can encourage people to be responsible and consider the consequences of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.”

“This Christmas I would ask people to try and enjoy themselves whilst respecting the people around them and by being safe and responsible.”

A series of shocking posters depicting how a night out might end under arrest or in medical care if you drink too much alcohol have been produced and will be displayed in pubs, clubs and on buses.

There will also be a series of daytime events including one in Chesterfield market place to educate young people about the dangers of excessive drinking.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital consultant Bill Bailey, who works in the emergency department, is also keen for revellers to stay safe and avoid having to spend any unnecessary time having treatment for alcohol related injuries such as sprained ankles, bruises, cuts, fight injuries or illnesses.

The police are advising revellers to follow the below tips to ensure they enjoy a safe festive period:

l Do not start drinking too soon at home before going out to celebrations.

l Opt for single measures not doubles or a small glass of wine instead of a large glass and alternate an alcoholic drink with a soft drink.

l Make food part of your evening by eating before going out or by eating while out.

l Book a taxi before you go out and keep your fare separate from purse or wallet money so it can’t be spent accidently.

l Look out for your friends. If someone has consumed too much alcohol make sure they get home safely and that someone can monitor them once they are home. For advice about the dangers of alcohol visit www.derbyshire.police.uk.