Warnings of con-artists in Ripley

Police are urging Ripley residents to be vigilant - after reports of an illegal door-to-door seller in the area.

The force says there was reports of a bogus salesman in the town yesterday, (February 25) at around 12.45pm.

A police spokesperson said: “While it is not illegal to sell goods door to door, sellers must carry a police issued Pedlar’s Certificate, which shows the crest of the police force where it was issued, the name of the officer that approved it and the name and details of the seller.

“When dealing with strangers who call at your door make sure your home is secure and as possible. Always use a door chain and ask for identification.

“Never invite a stranger into your home; if they ask to use the toilet, for a drink or to make a call then direct them to the nearest public facilities.

“Question whether you really need the goods or services they are offering and don’t be obliged to buy or sign up to anything on the spot. You may get a better deal if you shop around or get alternative quotes. “Remember- genuine callers will not mind while you make these checks.

“Keep an eye out for your neighbours and report any suspicious activity to police.”

To contact Derbyshire police call 101, the non emergency number, except in an emergency when the number is always 999.

For further advice and information visit the Derbyshire police website: www.derbyshire.police.uk or Derbyshire County Council website: www.derbyshire.gov.uk.