Trace of blood led police to van attack man

A Jacksdale man who damaged a van during a dispute with the owner’s son was caught by forensic tests.

Ford Escort van owner Randolph Smith heard a disturbance outside his Ironville home after midnight and saw his son Julian was arguing with a group of men.

He then noticed a rear window on the van, parked outside the address, had been broken, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

“His son stated that Kieran Dolan had run up to it and smashed it with his fist,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

Dolan, 22, was later arrested at home and accepted he had argued with Julian Smith but he denied causing any damage.

But he had left a trace of blood on a window seal and forensic analysis linked him to the offence, said Mrs Griffiths.

Dolan, of Sedgwick Street, admitted damaging the van on December 27.

He had two previous convictions for assault.

The court heard that he had agreed to apologise for the damage and pay compensation under the restorative justice procedure.

He would have avoided prosecution but a mix-up led to the case eventually coming before the court.

Deputy District Judge Andrew Davison gave Dolan a six-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £250 compensation.