Teenager made threats to man’s family

A PINXTON teenager became aggressive and damaged property after threatening to rape his support worker’s family, a court heard.

Thomas Roots, who has behavioural problems, lives in a flat in Wharf Road provided by Your Life charity.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates he lost his temper with staff trying to help him on August 30.

Roots was then told he would be unable to see his mother that day and he became abusive, threatened to rape relatives of support worker Andrew Larbey and threw a bottle of water at him, striking him on the leg.

“He threw chairs around in the kitchen and police were called. Mr Larbey says they can’t cope with him at the moment and he can’t carry on reacting the way he does when he doesn’t get his way,” said Ms Mahon.

She added: “He said in interview he had thrown a bottle at Mr Larbey and tried to spit on him from the top of the stairs, saying he was angry because Mr Larbey had been laughing at him.

“He admitted making threatening comments and rubbing toothpaste into a carpet.”

Roots. 18, admitted charges of assault and damage and was fined £48, with £35 costs after the Bench said they had some sympathy with his frustration that day.

“Andrew Larbey had put the phone down on Thomas’s mum. He was smirking at Thomas, who lost his temper and threw items,” said Gavin Haigh, for Roots. He accepts he has problems with his temper. He suffers with a mental disorder or learning difficulty.”