Suspended jail sentence for threats to kill wife

A JAIL sentence hangs over a dad currently living in Awsworth who grabbed a knife and threatened to slit his wife’s throat at their home.

Justin and Alison Hodges, who married 15 years ago, have been living separately since the incident in Meadow Vale, Duffield, on January 28.

Magistrates at Chesterfield heard that a row blew up after Hodges – who is currently staying at an address in Main Street, Awsworth – had been drinking that night. He grabbed her throat and she was struggling to breathe.

“He shouted that he was going to get a knife and slit her throat,” said Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting.

“She heard him going through the cutlery drawer and he walked back upstairs, tried the door handle and pushed the door, trying to get in.”

Mrs Hodges was terrified that he would force his way in and kill her but he then shouted that he had cut himself, added Mr Rodrigues. She called police and he later told officers he could not recall details of the incident but he accepted what his wife alleged had happened.

Hodges admitted charges of assault and threats to kill.

He was given an eight-week jail term but it was suspended for a year. He also received a one-year probation supervision order, including a nine-month alcohol treatment programme, with £85 costs.

“It was a dreadful incident. It was unforgivable and he fully accepts that. What is also chilling is that there was no build-up and nothing to indicate what would happen,” said defence solicitor Phil Bloore.

Mr Bloore said Hodges, 38, could not believe what he had done and felt great remorse.

He had stopped drinking and moved out of Duffield to try and rectify matters, and realised he needed help.

His wife retracted her statement to police, saying she did not want him to be prosecuted.