Student caused £1,000 of damage at centre, court is told

A STUDENT who damaged doors at Alfreton’s Genesis Centre claimed he thought he was locked inside the building.

A tutor went to unlock doors at mid-day on January 19 and found that internal and external doors had been forced open, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

“He asked his class if anyone was responsible and then went to an office. He was followed by Jordan Clarke-Vardy who said he thought he had been locked in and he forced doors to get outside.

“He had been attending the centre in King Street for four or five months and would have known there are other exit doors left unlocked at lunchtime,” said Peter Bettney, prosecuting.

Clarke-Vardy, 18, was arrested and told police he only found out about the other exit doors on an upper floor after the offence.

“He apologised and said he hadn’t intended to damage them, he had just panicked because he felt trapped inside,” added Mr Bettney.

Clarke-Vardy, of Willows Close, Alfreton, admitted causing £1,000 damage and was ordered to do 40 hours unpaid work.

“I didn’t intend to go in that day and break doors. I went to the toilet, came downstairs and the doors were locked.

“I don’t like being locked into spaces where I don’t think I can get out and I panicked,” he told the court.