Stolen cars and fake cash on show

NRHNBE111028a1'OPERATION ROCKY: Chief Inspector Graham McLaughlin in Ripley Market Place.
NRHNBE111028a1'OPERATION ROCKY: Chief Inspector Graham McLaughlin in Ripley Market Place.

High powered cars and more than £1million cash seized from criminals in the last year is going on display around areas of Derbyshire.

A display was set up in Ripley Market Place on Friday, October 28, where shoppers got to see the seized cars along with a suitcase containing £1.6million in fake ‘cash’.

A Golf R32, a Lexus IS200 and a Mitsubishi Evo will be displayed in towns from Dronfield to Belper as part of Operation Rocky - a month-long campaign targeting acquisitive crime.

At the heart of the operation is ‘dirty cash’ which encourages members of the public to report people they suspect are living off the proceeds of a criminal lifestyle.

The ‘dirty cash’ campaign is based around the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and other legislation which allows police to pursue criminals through the courts to confiscate their ill-gotten gains.

Chief Inspector Graham McLaughlin, who is leading the campaign, said: “Our message is very simple. Anyone who profits from crime in Derbyshire runs the risk of losing the financial and lifestyle gains that they have enjoyed up until now.

“This campaign is about highlighting how members of the public can help ensure crime never pays. All too often communities pay the price for criminals while they enjoy the profits of crime. They may be drug dealers, burglars, fraudsters or even shoplifters but whoever they are, their crimes affect us all.”

The ‘cash’ was actually fake £50 notes produced by Derbyshire Constabulary with details of the cars and other assets seized from criminals in the last year alone. The events are being held as part of the operation, which runs until Sunday, November 27, and will target criminals such as burglars, car thieves and those profiting from crime. Other activities that will take place during the operation include targeting cross-border criminals using our roads to commit crime, burglary awareness and prevention, and a crackdown on drugs.

If you have information call the non-emergency number 101.