Safe raided at Ripley store

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breaking news

Burglars drilled into a safe at a Ripley supermarket overnight before emptying it of cash.

It is believed the suspects broke into Jack Fulton’s on Oxford Street through an upstairs fire escape, leading to a set of steps on the outside of the building.

The suspects then made their way to the downstairs offices and into the store’s office before drilling through the side of the safe.

The exact amount of money stolen is not yet known according to manager Lawrence Armstrong.

He said: “It’s a small shop, someone might have been here before and scoped the place out.”

Mr Armstrong said he realised the safe had been raided when he entered the store this morning at 5.30am. He was last on the premises at 3pm on Boxing Day and saw nothing suspicious. He added that security measures would be stepped up at the premises.

If you witnessed anything between 3pm on Boxing Day and 5.30am this morning that may help police track the suspects, call the force on the non-emergency number, 101.