Robbery case set for retrial

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The jury listening to evidence in a trial of a 26-year-old armed robbery has been discharged.

Barrie Rhodes was accused of attempting to rob Jeanian Jewellers, in Osmaston Road, Derby, in 1986 armed with a shotgun, along with an accomplice.

He was alleged to have threatened a woman working there with a gun - but was said to have left empty handed after ‘plucky’ workers confronted the raiders, Derby Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

Rhodes, 65, of Monument Lane, Ironville, was arrested in November 2011 on another matter and his fingerprints were uploaded to a national database. The Crown Prosecution Service alleged that his prints were found to match several recovered at the Osmaston Road jewellers after an attempted robbery in 1986.

He denied having anything to do with the attempted robbery, telling police that in 1986, he was buying and selling jewellery, which he claimed would explain why his fingerprints were found on items at the Osmaston Road wholesalers.

On Thursday, Judge Ebraham Mooncey discharged the jury at Derby Crown Court ‘for legal reasons’. A retrial is to be set at a later date.