RIPLEY: Witnesses sought to home raids


A woman saw a tall ‘greasy haired’ burglar run out of her home when she confronted him - in one of two Ripley raids police are investigating from yesterday.

At 1.20pm a home was burgled at Butterley Row.

The homeowner returned at that time to find a man stood at the top of her stairs.

He was 6ft tall, of ‘skinny build’ with collar length dark, greasy hair.

When he saw the woman he made for the door - skimming past her on his way out, police say.

He had broken in through a ground floor utility room window, although it is believed nothing was taken.

Police have linked the incident to another which took place between 10.30am and 3.45pm yesterday on Derby Road.

A burglar had positioned a wheelie bin beneath a bedroom window to gain access.

When the homeowner returned at 3.45pm she noticed several the cupboards and doors were open and dialled 999 immediately.

Again nothing had been taken.

Police are calling for witnesses to either incident to get in touch on 101.