Ripley dog owners reminded to keep pets under control around livestock

Police have issued advice after local farmers raised concerns.
Police have issued advice after local farmers raised concerns.

Police are reminding dog owners in Ripley to ensure they keep their pets under control around livestock.

Advice has been issued after residents and local farmers raised concerns with their local Safer Neighbourhood policing team about people not keeping their dogs under control, especially around sheep and livestock.

PCSO Meikel Miller of the Somercotes and Riddings Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Concerns have been raised from members of the local community about dogs being let off the lead and chasing sheep in the area, and there have been incidents in the past where sheep have been attacked and injured, or killed.

“Whilst many dog owners are responsible, some dog owners need to be reminded that they must not allow their dog to chase or attack livestock. In a field containing sheep, dog walkers must always have the dog either on a lead or under close control as it is an offence to allow a dog to worry livestock on agricultural land.”

General advice for dog owners is to:

Keep dogs on a lead around busy roads

If you know your dog is not good with other dogs then avoid letting them off the lead where there are other dogs around.

If you are in an area where there are farm animals or wildlife, make sure you keep your dog under control, particularly during lambing season when you should keep them on a lead.

If you allow teenagers or youngsters to walk the dog, make sure they would be able to control them while out walking.

Encourage and reward good behaviour- teach your dog commands such as sit, stay and to come back when called.

Always clean up after your dog, carry ‘poop scoop’ bags and dispose of the waste in a litter bin.

PCSO Miller added: “Incidents of this nature are distressing to the animals, upsetting and also costly for farmers. Please make sure you keep your dog under close control or on a lead when near to sheep and other livestock.”

The Kennel Club offers advice on the countryside code for dog walkers, visit www.thekennelclub, or for the full code visit

You can also contact your local Safer Neighbourhood policing team by calling 101 or emailing from the website at