Remains of half a dead dog allegedly 'dumped' on Selston street

Lindley Street, Selston.
Lindley Street, Selston.

The remains of half a dead dog was allegedly "dumped" on a Selston street in a black bag.

An anonymous resident posted on the Spotted Selston Facebook page to say that a black Volkswagen car was seen dumping the bag on Lindley Street at about 9.20am on September 20.

A statement said: "This morning about 9.20am a Black VW with a Registration beginning with Y801 was seen dumping a black bag and drove off quickly, the black bag had half the remains of a dead dog.

"Police have been notified and are filing a report and the cameras surrounding the area are being checked.

"If you see the black VW with a registration plate beginning with Y801 please report to the police ASAP."

The RSPCA has been contacted for a comment.