Recovering Derbyshire addict is fined after he supplied drugs to a friend who died

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A drug-addict who supplied drugs to a friend who was found dead by police a day later has been fined.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court previously heard how Carl Kirk, 39, formerly of Clarence Road, Chesterfield, had supplied 50 codeine phosphate tablets to Oliver Jacques on April 26 after Mr Jacques had appealed for painkillers over social media.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said Mr Jacques was found dead by police the following day after he had taken a mixture of drugs but the court heard there is no suggestion Kirk’s drugs were linked to the death.

Kirk, who has previous convictions, pleaded guilty to supplying class B drugs on April 26 at Chesterfield Road, Staveley.

He told police he had wanted money to buy drugs for himself because he had been using heroin and crack-cocaine so he sold the codeine phosphate which had been prescribed to him for deep vein thrombosis.

The defendant, now of Whitmore Avenue, Grassmoor, Chesterfield, stated he would not have supplied his friend with codeine phosphate if he had known his frame of mind.

He claimed he had got himself clean and was looking to work in counselling to help people who have had similar difficulties.

Kirk had failed to attend a sentencing hearing on September 25 and a warrant had to be issued for his arrest after he had submitted a letter stating he had been undergoing treatment at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Magistrates finally sentenced Kirk on October 2 to a £120 fine and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.