Police warning to Facebook users in Derbyshire

Beware of requests from you 'friends' on Facebook, police say.
Beware of requests from you 'friends' on Facebook, police say.

Police say they are noticing an increase in the number of reports about Facebook accounts being compromised in Derbyshire.

A police spokesperson said: "Offenders are compromising Facebook accounts and using the profile to send messages to their contacts requesting money to be sent to an account.

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"The messages seem to be requests for help and will usually have a sense of urgency and flattery.

"If you receive a request from a 'friend' on Facebook, or any other platform, please verify directly with that person another way before transferring any money to a bank account."

Police tips on how to protect your Facebook account

• Implement a strong, complex password containing three random words that aren't connected to you (no pet's names, for example)

• Add 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) to your account to add an extra layer of security (visit here for more information)

• Ensure your software and apps are up to date