Phone scam tricks residents by stating their internet will be shut down

Police warning
Police warning

Police have issued a warning to Derbyshire residents about a telephone scam that tricks residents into thinking their WIFI will be shut down.

The call will usually be from a number that looks like a landline- when you answer it is an automated message stating that your WIFI is about to be disconnected. The message asks you to press 1 or 2.

Do not press any button if you receive one of these calls. Hang up and block the number or ask your telephone provider to do this for you.

“Scammers are wanting you to follow their instructions to gain something from you, whether it is a call on a premium line or personal data, don’t play into their hands,” said a spokesman for Derbyshire Police.

For more information and where to report fraud visit the Derbyshire Constabulary website.