Pair in court for bins theft

A desperate Sommercotes teenager resorted to ‘bin diving’ outside a local supermarket, a court has heard.

Police on patrol on the Cotes Park Police on patrol in Cotes Park industrial estate at 1.20am on May 21 saw Shaun Buxton and Naomi Fletcher each pushing a shopping trolley.

Buxton’s trolley contained two flat-packed benches taken from outside B&Q while Fletcher had a large bag containing food from Iceland store.

John Cooper, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrate a duty manager for B&Q found a hole had been cut in a perimeter fence.

Defending Bob Sowter said: “The theft of food was to feed himself and his friend. It was opportunistic and, if I am brutally honest, somewhat sad,” said Bob Sowter, for Buxton.

“The benches had been put out for recycling. He was bin-diving at the back of shops to supplement his income, which is a rather desperate situation to be in.”

Felicity Clarke, for Fletcher, said: “They had a lot of bills to pay and she was very hungry and hadn’t eaten for some time.”

Buxton, 19, and Fletcher, 20, both of Lower Somercotes, Somercotes, admitted theft. They were each given a two-year conditional discharge, with £85 costs.