Pair caught stealing from supermarket

A RIPLEY couple have appeared in court together after being caught stealing computer games from a supermarket.

Daniel Allen and Rebecca Piper put PlayStation and XBox games into a trolley and then transferred them into a bag on January 19.

Magistrates at Chesterfield heard that they fled from Sainsbury’s, Ripley, but were arrested after being identified using CCTV footage.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told the court that the store estimated more than 20 games retailing at £39 to £49 were stolen, but the pair disputed this and said they sold them for £50.

Allen was on bail for the theft when he struck again on January 25, this time stealing four joints of beef worth £36 from a Co-op store in Derby Road, Ripley.

“He sold the meat. He was identified from still photographs taken off the CCTV by police,” added Mrs Griffiths.

Allen, 27, and Piper, 20, both of High Street, admitted theft.

Allen had previous convictions for shoplifting while Piper had been cautioned by police for dishonesty and drugs offences, the hearing was told.

District Judge Andrew Davison made Allen the subject of a one-year probation supervision order, including a nine-month drug rehabilitation programme, with £136 compensation and £100 costs.

Piper was fined £115, with £100 compensation and £85 costs.

“Drugs are an issue for both of them, but more so for Mr Allen.

His offending has been fuelled by drugs,” said Joe Harvey, for the pair, who are both unemployed.