Paedophile jailed for abusing young girl

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An Ilkeston man has been jailed after admitting filming himself touch a young girl and sending the footage on to a known paedophile.

Nathan Whitehouse, 32, of Mill Street, will serve two years and eight months in prison for the sexual asssualt of a girl under 13, distributing indecent photographs of children, taking indecent photographs of children, sexual touching and possession of indecent images.

Derby Crown Court heard that Whitehouse was caught after the video he filmed was sent to a known paedophile who was under surveillance by the Met Police.

He was arrested and Whitehouse confessed to officers that it was him carrying out the abuse.

He admitted in interview that he had done so on four occasions and also said that he had watched the video.

Defending Whitehouse, David Webster, said: “His admissions are handsome but his conduct was deplorable.

“He wanted to clear his conscience.”

Recorder Simon Ward awarded full credit to Whitehouse for his admissions.

Sentencing him he said: “You have a long standing sexual attraction to young girls.

“Sadly, from what I have read in the pre-sentence report, you cannot help that.

“I am not sentencing you for that but because you decided to act on that sexual attraction.

“What you did is bad enough but what makes it worse in my judgement, is that you filmed yourself doing it, not only for your own pleasure, but so that you could share it with others.”

“I can tell you are extremely sorry for what you have done.

“You have lost your good name forever and the consequences of what you have done will stay with you for a lot longer than the sentence I have passed.”

Police found another indecent video which Whitehouse had downloaded from the internet and images of children taken by Whitehouse as he went about his ‘day-to-day business’ were also found on the mobile.

Whitehouse, who had worked as a bus driver, lost his job at Nottingham City Transport when the offences came to light.

A sexual offences protection order was put in place for ten years. Conditions of the order mean that Whitehouse cannot use an internet enabled device that does not retain browsing history. He will sign the Sex Offenders’ Register and was banned from working with children for life.