OAP’s home was burgled

Three burlgars who raided a Langley Mill pensioners’ home have been jailed.

They were caught after police set up cameras to protect the 81-year-oldfollowing an earlier break-in.

After the latest raid, the OAP told police his breathing problems had got worse and added: “I have not had a full night’s sleep since the burglary. I hope they are found and made to suffer like I have.”

Custody for two years five months was ordered for Craig Mercer, 20, of Woodfield Road, Nottingham, and Shad Mercer, 21, of Conifer Crescent, Clifton.

Derby Crown Court heard they had two previous convictions for burglary. Paul Mercer, 50, of Glenloch Drive, Clifton, was ordered to serve 20 months.

They pleaded guilty to the burglary.

Nicola Hunter, for Shad, said he had been freed six days earlier after two years in custody.

She said the burglary was unplanned and added:”He been drinking on the night of the offence.”

Miss Christine Luckock, mitigating, said Craig had also been drinking. She said Paul was prepared to sell his car to raise money for the victims “towards compensation”.