OAP raided Codnor home

A PENSIONER got two years’ jail for taking a bus trip to Codnor to steal £2,000 worth of “irreplaceable jewellery” from a house.

A court heard 66-year-old Barrie Scriven then went back to Derby before hopping on another bus to sell his haul at a second-hand shop in Burton-on-Trent.

Scriven of Ashbourne Road, Derby, pleaded guilty at DerbyCrown Court. He had been sentenced 17 times for previous burglaries, the last in 1999.

Judge Andrew Hamilton told him: “If you commit any more burglaries, it will be five years. One would have expected your criminal past would be long behind you, particularly because you are suffering ill health and the pre-sentence report says you have spondylitis of the spine and use a walking aid.

“You didn’t use a walking aid today and didn’t use it when you committed this burglary.

“This burglary was planned. You went to Codnor because you knew it was an area where there would be properties where there would be jewellery. You knew the best thing to steal is jewellery and that is found in the most affluent areas. You have clearly the hallmarks of a professional burglar.”

Jonathan Dee, prosecuting, said the offence took place between October 20 and 30 when the victims were on holiday. Nine rings, two brooches and other items were taken from a jewellery box.

Some were gifts from the victim’s mother and sister, who had both died. Mr Dee said: ”They were irreplaceable.”

Scriven was caught because he cut himself inside the house and his DNA was identified. He told police he argued with his wife and “committed the burglary in a rage or fit of pique,” added Mr Dee.

Mark Achurch, mitigating, said Scriven married three years ago and had recently been pursued for a “long-standing debt he thought had long been forgotten”.

“Somebody from his past caught up with him. It got to the stage where the person he owed money to started making threats more widely, including to his wife.

“He noticed people waiting around his address. He took a stupid decision to commit this offence because he was desperate to pay that debt off,” said Mr Achurch.