Nuisance bike users targeted by cops

A ‘mini moto’ was seized by police in Ironville in a bid to target nuisance and illegal off-road riding.

The scaled down size motorbike was seized by an officer on patrol in Ironville at around 5.50pm on Saturday, January 4, after it was seen on the road without the rider having a licence or insurance.

Bobbies from the Somercotes and Riddings Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said they had received numerous reports of various motorbikes being revved up and down land known as The Forge, which runs between Ironville, Codnor Park and Jacksdale.

PCSO Meikel Miller said: “Residents and other people using the area have told us they are worried about off-road riders putting their safety at risk, and we have stepped up our patrols and put up signs warn and advise riders about the law.

“We’ve also received a number of calls from members of the public who had seen our appeal and I would like to thank them for their help in our enquiries to track down those riding illegally.”

Police say it is illegal to use off road bikes on public footpaths, woods, parklands and school fields. To be used on the road, a rider should have the appropriate licence and the vehicle insured and taxed. To use them on private land, the rider must have the land owner’s permission.

PCSO Miller added: ““We are not against people riding motorbikes but they must make sure that it is safe, legal and of no nuisance to others.”