Nightclub bottle injury

A CLUBBER must pay £500 compensation to a student who was accidentally struck by a bottle in a night club.

Kristian Guy, 19, of Upper Barne Close, Heanor, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm on July 4. He must carry out 150 hours unpaid work and pay £250 prosecution costs on top of the compensation.

Judge Andrew Hamilton told him: “You seem to have got a little bit carried away.

“Waving a bottle around when dancing is a dangerous thing to do. It caught this young man over the eye, causing this nasty cut.

“It could have caused a much more serious injury. It could have damaged his eye and luckily it didn’t. If it had, you would receive a much more substantial sentence than you are,” he said at Derby Crown Court.

Guy, who had never been in trouble before, was ordered to pay at a rate of £75 monthly.

Vee Monro, prosecuting, said the incident took place in the Mosh night club in Derby. Victim Aidan Pitchford was left bleeding from a two-centimetre cut on the right eyebrow. The bone was visible and he needed stitches in the wound.

“He used to go out regularly and didn’t worry about being assaulted. He is a student and felt that going out is an integral part of student life. After the incident, he didn’t go out a lot because he was an innocent victim and felt something like that could happen again.

“He is still wary of what could happen. He describes the incident as affecting his self-confidence and is worried he has been scarred for life,” said Miss Monro.

She told the court Guy had been dancing with friends on the packed floor. Guy admitted he “was out of order” when challenged about the injury immediately after the incident.

Nicola Hornby, mitigating, described him as a “hard-working” man who goes to his job for four days running and then has four days off. His take-home pay was £980 monthly with £330 going on mortgage repayments and £500 on other bills including food.

Miss Hornby said: “His disposable income is extremely limited. Whilst he is paying this, his compensation has to be given priority.”