MURDER TRIAL LATEST: Suspect ‘tried to help’ beaten man

Michael Moss
Michael Moss

A murder suspect wept in court on Friday (September 27) as he told a jury he knew who had killed an Ilkeston father-of-six.

Jamie Elliott said he could not reveal who beat Mick Moss to death for fear of what might happen to his family.

And he said when he saw Mr Moss covered in blood he ‘tried to help him’ and sat him up before fleeing from the house.

Elliott, under cross-examination, was asked by prosecutor Peter Joyce QC how Mr Moss came to suffer 30 fractures to his ribs.

Crying, Elliott replied: “I tried to help him but he died.

“The lad had his leg back (as if to kick Mr Moss).

“I pulled Mick back, I tried to sit him up.

“I thought he was alright, I thought he was alright.

Mr Joyce said: “How many times did you stamp on him?”

Elliott replied: “I didn’t. I didn’t stamp on Mick.

“I was beaten every day of my life for 12 years, that’s why I don’t like violence.”

Elliott, 27,of North Street, Alfreton, denies the murder of Mr Moss.

His co-accused Collete Booth, 46, of Mill Street, Ilkeston, and Nathan Hall, 24, of Birchwood Lane, Somercotes, also deny the charge.

A fourth defendant, Alan Chapman, who is Booth’s son, had the case against him discontinued last week and walked free from court.

Mr Moss, 46, was found badly injured at a house he was staying at in Canal Street, Ilkeston, on January 30 this year.

Nottingham Crown Court has previously been told that Mr Moss had been in a relationship with Booth.

Mr Chapman had allegedly told his mother , when he called her from prison four days before the incident, “I bet you when I get out JJ [Elliott] will smash his skull in.”

During yesterday’s hearing Elliott was asked by Mr Joyce why he would not disclose who the man he claims killed Mr Moss is.

He replied: “Because I don’t come from a privileged background like a lot of people in this [court] room.

“A grass is a grass and my family would end up tarnished.

“What do you think it is like for me and the rest of my family?

“For the rest of my life I know that this man has killed one man already and could come after me.”

Mr Joyce said: “So you are going to leave this dangerous man out there?”

Elliott replied: “Yes, I can’t say anything, that would be mad.

“I have not done anything wrong.

“Every night I go back to my cell and I see Mick’s face.

“I was there [on the night of the murder], I have admitted being there, I could have denied it but I didn’t.”

The afternoon session in court saw Hall, who is a cousin of Elliott, take to the witness stand.

He too confirmed that he knew the identity of the third man and that he travelled in a vehicle to the scene of the attack with him and Elliott on the night.

Hall also told the court he was not prepared to name him.

He will continue to give his evidence, including his cross-examination by Mr Joyce, on Monday.

The trail continues.