Motorist assaulted warden over ticket

A MOTORIST tracked down and attacked an Alfreton traffic warden while fuming over a £70 parking fine, a court has heard.

Andrew Liston left his car parked on a single yellow line in Lime Avenue at around 1pm on November 21 while he collected furniture from a charity shop.

He returned to find the penalty notice stuck to the windscreen and then sought out traffic warden Mark Pote.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that Mr Pote was issuing another driver with a ticket when he was confronted by furious Liston, 49.

The warden told police he explained the appeals process to Liston, adding: “He didn’t say anything. He grabbed me around the neck, and was choking me.

“In his left hand he had the ticket and he tried to push it down the collar of my shirt.”

Mr Pote stated that he managed to push Liston away and overpower him. Liston swore at Mr Pote, saying he has only been parked for minutes.

The warden said he knew which vehicle Liston had driven and he was reporting the assault to police. As he arrived at the police station Liston pulled up in his car and followed him into the building.

Liston allegedly said: “I should have made it worth my while then, shouldn’t I?,” suggesting he ought to have launched a more serious attack, said Ms Mahon.

He was arrested and stated that he was frustrated to receive the fine as it was the only place he could find to park at the time. He was angry and he went looking for the warden.

Liston, of Pettifor Terrace, Westhouses, near Alfreton, admitted assault. The justices adjourned the hearing until February 1 for a mini-trial to decide if he grabbed Mr Pote’s throat, saying that this could affect the sentence he received.

“I tried to push the ticket down his fluorescent vest. I never touched his neck. I went straight to the police station – they didn’t come and arrest me,” he told the court.

Liston said he hoped there was CCTV footage of the incident and the other motorist could be a witness in the case.

Mr Pote was working for a private company engaged on parking enforcement work by Amber Valley District Council.