Man struck former girlfriend in mouth

A FORMER Leabrooks man struck his former girlfriend in the mouth, a court was told.

Victim Christine Hardy told police she had a 20-year ‘on-off’ relationship with Andrew Bush that ended two years ago because she was tired of his drinking and violent behaviour.

“One beating resulted in him going to prison and she claims he is an alcoholic,” Mike Treharne, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

Bush, 50, went to her home in Alfreton, on February 5 to take her dog for a walk, which he did regularly.

Mr Treharne said Bush returned to Ms Hardy’s the worse for drink, swearing and muttering.

Ms Hardy’s daughter phoned her and arranged to call round and she asked Bush to leave.

“She was sitting down and he pressed right into her face, clenched his fist and said: ‘I hope you die of cancer. You are going to be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life’.

“He then punched her in the mouth with his right fist, causing it to bleed, ” said Mr Treharne, adding that Ms Hardy suffered a small cut to her bottom lip.

Bush was arrested and told police he had flipped his hand out, intending to catch the top of her head to make her ‘shut up’, and she ‘might have moved’ as he did this. He denied punching her.

He said he had drunk one can of cider and was not drunk or alcohol-dependant.

Bush, formerly of Main Road, and now of Forest Road, Sutton, admitted assault. He had previous convictions for assaulting Ms Hardy. Sentence was adjourned until March 21 for probation reports.

Andrew Hollis, for Bush, said he accepted causing the injury to Ms Hardy, which resulted from her ‘winding him up’