Man attacked his partner

An angry Ripley man attacked his partner following a row about her returning home late, a court heard.

Ian Humphries and the victim went out together for a drink on the night of September 8 – he went home after midnight and she returned later and there was a row.

He angrily pushed and slapped her and she fell into some drawers and was pulled downstairs at one point.

“He said afterwards that he didn’t mean to hurt her - it just happened,” Sarah Haslam, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield.

“He said his behaviour was unacceptable and he felt ashamed and the amount of alcohol he had consumed had made him nasty.”

Jobless Humphries , 26, of The Spinney, admitted assault. He had a previous conviction for aggravated vehicle-taking.

Sentence was adjourned until November 7 for probation reports.

He was granted bail on condition he did not contact the victim or go to her address.

The court heard that the woman had retracted her statement of complaint to police and did not want a restraining order to be imposed on him.

“She returned home at 3-4am, two hours later than him and this sparked off the argument. He too was slapped, and he was hit with an electric fan. It wasn’t completely one-way traffic.

“He has expressed remorse and describes himself as a complete jackass,” said John Hay, for Humphries.

He added: “She didn’t want these proceedings to continue. She wishes to get back with him and he wants to live at her home again.”