Judge adjourns sentencing of man who stabbed his own dog

THE SENTENCING of a Ripley man who killed his six-month-old dog with a kitchen knife has been adjourned so doctors can assess his mental health.

Christopher Hill, of Maple Avenue, had already admitted stabbing family pet Maggie in his back garden after a three day drinking session in November, at a previous hearing.

On Thursday the 42-year year-old father, who was said to be suffering from severe depression when he took the patterdale terrier’s life, was due to be sentenced.

But district Judge Chris Johnson. overseeing the case, said he could not pass sanctions on Hill until a thorough examination of his mental condition could be carried out.

He said previous examinations of the defendant had produced ‘conflicting reports’ and it would be difficult to know what extent Hill’s mental condition would have had on his actions.

However he added: “I have to tell you I am leaving all sentencing options open.

“This crosses the custody threshold , but it’s a matter which a court will consider in a months’ time.”

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