Jogging flasher is spared prison

Heage Road Ripley Sign.
Heage Road Ripley Sign.

A man who indecently exposed himself to women and children while out running has been banned from jogging in Ripley.

Ashley John Shaw was given a 12-week sentence, suspended for two years at Nottingham Crown Court today (Friday May 17,) after being found guilty of five counts of indecent exposure in the town.

Shaw, 41, of Heage Road, exposed parts of his body to women - and on two occasions children - while jogging near his home wearing women’s shorts during May of last year.

Judge Andrew Hamilton told Shaw: “I have got a number of statements from people you flashed at. They have been very upset by what happened.

“One said: ‘It was done in front of children. I can’t accept or forgive him for what he’s done to me and my children and friends in Ripley.

“‘He’s just a dirty man to do these things and get away. I think it’s scary that a man should do this.’”

Judge Hamilton added: “All of them talk about being very apprehensive when they see a jogger coming down the road. It’s caused them some considerable concern.

“I must say that if I had sentenced you on the probation report I would have sent you to prison. I think the psychiatric report is a very good report. You have taken him into your confidence. I think there’s a chance, working with probation, you won’t commit these offences again. You have got a problem and you have been honest enough to admit it.

“I say to the people of Ripley - ‘If there’s a chance of him getting help, that seems a better option than locking him up and him doing it again.’

“I can well see that if people see him running again he is likely to be attacked. I want to protect the people of Ripley.”

Judge Hamilton told Shaw he must attend training sessions with probation.

He also imposed a restraining order which forbids Shaw to go jogging in around the town of Ripley for the next five years.

Unemployed Shaw was put on the Sex Offenders Register and was fined £250 which he must pay back at £5 per week.

He told Shaw: “If you breach the order or fail to attend supervision you will be brought back in front of me and you will go to prison for 12 weeks.”

At a three day trial in March, the prosecution case said that Shaw deliberately wore clothing that he knew was likely to cause alarm and distress - even though he maintained that the tight black Tesco brand ‘knickers’ were suitable for cycling and jogging.

The charges related to five separate incidents on May 3, 9 and 11 in which five witnesses saw Shaw running in the shorts.

On three of those occasions he actively pulled them up to reveal private parts of his body - smiling at his victims as he did so.

Shaw was caught shortly after a woman had confronted him on Crossley Park on May 11. He had run by with private parts of his body hanging loose.

Plain clothed police officers arrested him in the ‘knickers’ witnesses had reported him wearing minutes later.

Throughout the trial Shawy denied that his jogging route took him near the Derby Road and Heath Road area, where he had been spotted.