Jail threat after assault on woman

A JAIL sentence hangs over a South Normanton man who head-butted his then-partner following a row about text messages, a court has heard.

Nicholas Vincent, 22, and the woman started a relationship last year but they split up. They tried to patch it up after she gave birth to a daughter in January, but were having rows in early March.

The woman was at Vincent’s flat on March 17 when a row blew up in bed over messages he was receiving from a female, Chesterfield magistrates were told.

He told her the texts were only from a friend but it kept her awake and she went to sleep on his living room sofa.

Lynn Manning, prosecuting, said Vincent followed and threw her out of the door.

It was raining outside and she had no shoes and was unable to walk home.

A woman from a neighbouring flat took her in and Vincent angrily banged on the door, telling his then partner to come back to his flat, which she did.

His victim then saw a comment he had posted on Facebook about another woman’s photograph and they argued about this.

“She told him, ‘why are you doing this? I was the only one who stood by you’. He flipped, ran towards her and grabbed her throat.

“He head-butted her and said, ‘I’ll show you what I’ll do’,” said Ms Manning, adding that he ripped the clothes she was wearing during the incident.

Vincent screamed abuse at her, grabbed her hair and pinned her to the floor. She made an excuse about feeling ill and he drove her to her parents’ home.

The car had a flat tyre and his mother came and took them to the address.

“The complainant said he was acting as if nothing had happened when his mother was present,” said Ms Manning.

Vincent, of Hardwick Court, South Normanton, was arrested and told police he had not head-butted the woman or grabbed her throat. He said she had been winding him up.

He appeared in court in custody, being due to be released from a previous prison sentence, and admitted charges of assault and damage to clothing.

District Judge Andrew Davison jailed him for 20 weeks but suspended the sentence for two years. Vincent also received a two-year probation supervision order, including domestic abuse counselling.

He must pay £250 compensation to the woman and not contact her or go within a mile of her home for the next two years.