Ironville thief targeted store to feed drug habit

Chesterfield magistrates court.
Chesterfield magistrates court.

A drug-fuelled shoplifter stole six joints of gammon from a Co-op store to pay for more drugs.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Wednesday, March 11, how Cameron Coulter, 24, of Deepdale, Ironville, stole the goods from the Leabrooks store.

Prosecuting solicitor Lynn Manning said: “The defendant was followed and picked up joints of meat and staff were alerted to call the police.”

Coulter told police he had been high on drugs and had stolen the goods to sell to pay for drugs.

He pleaded guilty to the theft after the offence on September 21.

Defence solicitor Kirsty Sergeant said Coulter has turned his life around and got things back on track and come off drugs.

She added that he has also been seeing an occupational therapist and a psychiatrist and hopes to move to a new home with his partner.

Magistrates fined Coulter £75 and he was ordered to pay £85 costs, £30 compensation and a £20 victim surcharge.