Gun thugs fire near walkers in woods

John Stamp inspects pellet holes in sign at Waingroves wood.
John Stamp inspects pellet holes in sign at Waingroves wood.

Gun-toting thugs fired pellets near a couple walking at avillage woodland beauty spot.

The man and woman had spoken to the two men who had air rifles in popular Waingroves Woods, telling the pair that they hoped they were not firing them.

John Stamp sign at Waingroves wood.

John Stamp sign at Waingroves wood.

But soon afterwards the couple heard pellets ‘whistling past thier ears’.

Chairman of Waingroves Community Woodland Trust John Stamp this week said the reports of the two men firing pellets in the wood were causing much concern to villagers – and he fears it will not long before someone is hurt by the mindless vandals.

Squirrels have even been found dead, so the pair have been firing at the wildlife too, he said.

John added: “We have had a number of incidents with these two men.

“On one occasion a man and a woman approached them and said, ‘I hope you’re not using those rifles in here’?

“The men seemed to acknowledge that and walked away.

“The next thing the couple knew there were pellets whistling past their ears.”

John, a retired policeman, says he wants to send a clear message to the men that 
rifles are not permitted in the woods.

“Go and find somewhere where the owners will give you permission,” he said.

The two men, both described as white and wearing dark clothing, have been carrying large rifle cases and reports suggest they have been approaching the woods from the Marehay direction.

He has advised anyone who spots them to report them to police as up to 50 people use the woods every day.

He said: “Take a look at what the men look like and give the descriptions to the police. Being hit by a pellet can be quite painful, some air rifles can be very powerful.”