Gas used on drunk

A DRUNK who became aggressive after being refused service at an Alfreton pub had to be sprayed with CS gas by police.

Police were dealing with a road accident in High Street on August 25 when Darren Barlow and a woman walked past and told officers they could do as they pleased and nothing could be done about it.

Police noticed that he was drunk and they followed the pair into the King Alfred pub, where bar staff were in the process of refusing to serve them further drinks.

“Staff were being challenged by them and police stepped in and asked the defendant to leave,” Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“They refused and maintained police couldn’t make them do that. The defendant was tripping over chairs and he called the officers ‘f****** cabbages’.”

Mrs Griffiths said Barlow (45) walked outside and police were worried he was going to get into a nearby car. He was told to move away and he ended up being pushed over.

“CS gas was withdrawn. He clenched his fists and would not co-operate and gas was sprayed in his face. He was arrested and leg restraints had to be applied because of his demeanour.

“He was still aggressive on arrival at the police station,” added Mrs Griffiths.

Barlow, of Albert Street, South Normanton, admitted drunk and disorderly behaviour. He committed a similar offence in June.

Presiding magistrate Mrs Pat Boyle fined him £115, with £85 costs, saying it was “a substantial disturbance”.

Barlow told the court: “I can’t recollect anything of that evening but the officers used brutal force towards me.”

He added that he was seeking help for a drink problem.