Fish pond man ends up in court

A SOMERCOTES man drove his car towards a next-door neighbour he blamed for killing his pond fish, a court has heard.

Chesterfield magistrates heard Gary Moseley found his koi carp had been poisoned on August 28 by someone pouring bleach into the pond.

He drove to a car boot sale and then saw neighbour Ian Fallows, who he blamed for killing the fish . Becky Mahon, prosecuting, said Moseley decided to scare Mr Fallows and mounted the pavement in his Citroen Xsara, stopping about 4ft behind him.

Moseley then got out of the vehicle and, after a short conversation, accused his neighbour of killing his fish.

“The complainant denied doing that and the defendant drove away,” said Ms Mahon, adding that Moseley was later arrested and told police he had behaved foolishly.

Moseley, 31, of Parkside, admitted dangerous driving in Windmill Rise, Somercotes.

The justices said it was a piece of aggressive driving with intent to intimidate the complainant.

They ordered him to carry out 80 hours unpaid work, with £85 costs, and imposed a minimum one-year driving ban. He must also pass an extended test of competence before driving again.

“He had a passenger in the vehicle and there was potential for injury but the bad driving was only over a short distance.

Phil Bloore, for Moseley said: “It happened on the spur of the moment and he expressed remorse.

“He fully accepted he was in the wrong,” he, told the magistrates’ court.