Fined for key attack on car

A jealous mum vandalised a car owned by a woman visiting her ex-husband’s Alfreton home, a court heard.

Kelly and David Murdoch’s marriage had ended six weeks before the November 7 offence.

He invited friends including Zoe Burgess to his home and received “nasty” text messages from Murdoch, 26, demanding to know who was with him.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, said he turned off his phone and, just before midnight, he heard someone banging on his door.

“She was shouting and kicking on the door and demanding to know who was inside. She threatened to damage cars.

“He looked outside and saw her ‘key’ a Peugeot 307 belonging to Zoe Burgess,” said Ms Mahon.

Murdoch, of Mansfield Road, admitted damaging the car. She was cautioned by police for an offence of violence four years ago.

The Bench fined her £392 and ordered her to pay £800 compensation for the damage, plus £85 costs.

Matt Evans, for Murdoch, said she felt ashamed of the offence and had apologised to Ms Burgess, who had “got in-between a domestic incident”.

He added: “She accepts the damage but not the circumstances around it. She was receiving text messages from her ex-husband about him having other females in the house.

“She was invited to the address and then told to go away and a scuffle started.”

The court heard that she was a mother-of-two and worked part-time in her aunt’s pub.