Drugs plants seized in raid

DRUGS squad officers seized seven cannabis plants when they raided the home of a Ripley dad.

They also found £200 worth of the drug which Anthony Helps ,24, had bought, a court was told.

Lynn Manning, prosecuting, said a small cannabis production set-up was in a bedroom and 30g of cannabis was found in two bags in the kitchen.

“He said it was his first grow and it was by trial and error. He bought cannabis to smoke while he was waiting for the plants to grow.

“He said he had been smoking cannabis since he was 11 years old and he used an ounce of the drug a week.”

Helps, of Chestnut Avenue, Ripley, admitted producing and possessing cannabis on April 19. Magistrates at Chesterfield gave him an 18-month conditional discharge, with £85 costs. They ordered that the plants, drugs and equipment be destroyed.

Steve Brint, defending Helps, said he could no longer afford to keep buying the drug and was growing it for his own use. Helps purchased all of the items needed to grow cannabis over the internet, the court was told. The plants were a week old when officers raided the house.